Adult Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hours Active Balance Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Diploma

The Accredited Active Balance Yoga Teacher Training is open to anyone who wants to become a Yoga Teacher as well as anyone who simply want to advance their theoretical and practical skills as a Yoga Practitioner. The course is open to anyone who has a minimum of two years experience in practicing yoga.

Unique to the Active Balance Yoga Teacher Training, the successful candidates will receive two certificates:

  • Yoga Teacher Diploma
  • Meditation Teacher Certificate

The Training Course will run for nine and a half weekends over a ten month period. We take a break during August. The course is accredited with the Yoga Alliance and with the Independent Yoga Network.

The Active Balance YTT will cover in detail specific practical skills and theoretical knowledge:

Practical skills include:

  • A large variety of yoga poses/Asanas
  • Specific breathing techniques/Pranayama
  • Mudras and Bandhas
  • Concentration and meditation techniques (Dharana and Dhyana)

All techniques will be studied in detail, from a balanced perspective, where the modern understanding of anatomical alignment, indications, contraindications, preparatory poses, contraindication and follow up poses, modifications, assists and more, is in line with age-old values of an authentic yoga lifestyle.

Theoretical skills include:

  • The anatomy of yoga- applied elements of anatomy and physiology
  • The energetic anatomy – in-depth exploration of the chakras and the nadis (power lines) and their influence on our well-being and as tools for personal development.
  • Yoga Philosophy and how it applies to our yoga practice and daily life
  • A good understanding of the Sanskrit terminology
  • The art and science of teaching yoga classes, sequencing, class management, professional standards, client assessment and evaluation.
  • The business of yoga: training, membership to professional bodies, insurance, music licencing, current relevant legislation, marketing, professional boundaries, ethics of teaching yoga and more.

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